woah!!!! ): its like running tap for 4 hours.. and this 4 hours i really think through alot.. talked alot.. i know things have changed no matter how hard i wish it would be the way i wanted.. but all the actions.. are so contradicting.. i’m so confused.. and i hate to be this confused.. things shouldnt be lidat in the first place.. why did i even created a mess down here.. now that cheerobics is most likely to be on 21st march.. i really duno if its wise to do.. paper is on 17th, 19th 23rd and 25th.. y mus the effing cheerobics be on 21st? i duno.. if i were to go, it has to be super discreet.. if i failed.. will my papers be affected? i duno! y mus my life be full of choices.. i made so many wrong choice.. i dun wan to make anymore wrong choices.. i also wish i can move on.. put down the past.. but can i? can i really do it?

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